• Athletic enhancement
  • Community Day Demo
  • Frankie Buenafuente after the fight
  • Grandmaster Shabazz and Master Walker
  • Justin's promotion
  • Justin's Promotion2
  • Justin's Promotion3
  • Preparing to spar
  • Shabazz Streetology seminar
  • Streetology Seminar w-Sensei Shabazz
  • Weaponry Wall
  • Womens Safety Training
  • Master George Williams stopping by
  • Community Day Demonstrations
  • Client Robin enjoying her workout
  • Promotion by Grandmaster Walter Goode
  • full screen slider
  • A Day with Sensei Larson
Athletic enhancement1 Community Day Demo2 Frankie Buenafuente after the fight3 Grandmaster Shabazz and Master Walker4 Justin's promotion5 Justin's Promotion26 Justin's Promotion37 Preparing to spar8 Shabazz Streetology seminar9 Streetology Seminar w-Sensei Shabazz10 Weaponry Wall11 Womens Safety Training12 Master George Williams stopping by13 Community Day Demonstrations14 Client Robin enjoying her workout15 Promotion by Grandmaster Walter Goode16 Grand Master Walter Goode17 A Day with Sensei Larson18
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