Dwayne Johnson, the founder of Johnson Defense Techniques, started his career in Martial Arts at the age of 10 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. His first teacher was Grandmaster Flewellyn who trained him in the style of Kempo at the Kingsley House Community Center in Pittsburgh, PA. After the passing of his first teacher, Dwayne began boxing at the Kay Boys Club for two years until 1979.  It was then that Dwayne was introduced to Sensei Jimmy Cvetik, a 7th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. In 1982, Dwayne enlisted into the U.S. Army where he continued building his boxing skills.  Also while enlisted in the U.S. Army, Dwayne was introduced to the martial arts style of “Muy Tai.”  He continued to experiment in different styles until he Joined the Marine Corp. during his last year in the Marine Corp. Dwayne met Grandmaster Walter Goode with whom he learned the “Art of Ninja Ryu Nijitsu”, achieving the ranking of 3rd Degree Black Belt.  

In addition to starting his own self-defense / martial arts / fitness center in the fall of 2014, in 2015 Dwayne will further his passion and skills in the capacity of an assistant boxing coach with the Police Athletic League (PAL) alongside his former Taekwondo instructor, Sensei Jimmy Cvetik.